Pebble Beach Guest House

A home away from home

En-Suite Bedroom 

Places of Interest

 More than just a B and B

 Welcome to Pebble Beach Guest House

More than just a B and B. Its a home away from home. Beautiful scenery lots to do locally for a small community. Located on the sea front in Borth, Wales. There are several rooms available, all with en-suite, including single, double and family rooms. As well as ground floor access. 

Borth is a small town 7 miles north of Aberystwyth. It has good train and bus links in and out of the Midlands. There are many local attractions to visit in the area. Including Borth Golf Club just a short walk from Pebble Beach Guest House. Borth Golf Club is one of the oldest links golf courses in Wales. For more places to visit see our Places of Interest.